Bringing lost uniforms
home safely

RagTagd tells you when your lost item is returned to the
lost and found

for your school.

Losing school things is expensive and time consuming.
RagTagd helps you find your misplaced items.




Our oldest boy is 9 and he’s managed to lose about 6 fleeces over the course of his school career to date. We’re yet to lose this one! Love the system -
fantastic idea.


This is an awesome service! We found the lost jacket this morning and my boy was very happy!
What an innovation!


It was fabulous and worked like a treat. I knew
exactly when to go to get the item
instead of wasting time everyday.

How It Works For Parents

Get It.

Purchase pre-tagged uniforms from your school, or purchase individual tags to put on your favourite things!

Link It.

Link your smart-tagged item to your phone by activating it with a single text message. Simply send your tag’s unique code to 0458 899 000.

Find It.

Lost your jumper? Receive mobile notifications when your lost items are returned to the school’s lost and found.

for your school.

Check to see if your school is onboard

Why Schools Love Us

Easy Setup

Get started with a single text
message - no app required!


Kick back and relax knowing we’ll tell
you when your things are in lost


We’ve got you covered. Attach Smart
Tags to anything you own!


Need hand-me-downs? Smart Tags
can be re-activated when items
change ownership. How? >>

for your school.

Some frequently asked questions

How do I get started and link my tag to my mobile number?

Simply send a single SMS with your tag’s unique code (e.g. “MY1T4G”) to our number: 0458 899 000. You’ll receive an automated response to confirm activation.

Where can I buy a RagTagd uniform or a Smart Tag?

If your school is on board with RagTagd, you can purchase RagTagd uniforms and Smart Tags from your uniform shop or front office. See if your school is on board

How do second-hand sales and hand-me-downs work?

New owners simply text the Smart Tag’s six digit code to the number specified on the tag, as one would for a first-time activation. The original owner then receives a text message to verify transfer of ownership, which they can approve or decline. After approval, the ownership is then transferred to the new number.

How does the Smart Tag work?

Every school using RagTagd has a lost property sensor which detects when your Smart-Tagged item is in the lost and found. Owners receive a text message at about 7:00am, the morning after it's arrived in lost property. This makes sure that it's fresh on your mind before school, making collection really easy.

How much does it cost parents?

Tags are just $3.50 each and come already integrated into items of uniform which are commonly lost, like jackets and jumpers. They also come in packs of 2 and 5 so you can attach them to things you already own.

Are the Smart Tags included in the cost of the uniform?

Yes. As a parent, when you purchase smart-tagged uniforms from your uniform shop or front office, you only need to pay for the cost of the uniform.