No more messy lost and

RagTagd tells you when your lost item is returned to the
lost and found

How it works for schools

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Simple setup

Our team will deliver the package directly to your school. We will even help install the shelves and the sensors.

Easy education

We set you up with how-it-works fliers or e-fliers, and give you everything you need to easily educate your community on RagTagd.

Setup was incredibly easy as RagTagd did all the work. The uniform shop just had to talk to the school and decide where our lost property would be situated.


Packages & Pricing

We offer a tailored solution for your school. Choose how much control you have over your
product, and let us handle all the hardwork.

All tag costs are passed on to parents at point of sale and smart shelves are completely free for schools.

We tag it.

We tag all your schools’ jackets and jumpers when your school signs up, and on an ongoing basis when you order your new uniforms.

$3.50 sewn in

You tag it.

Resell packets of 2 and packets of 5 smart tags, for parents to sew into items they already own.

$7.50/ 2 pack

$15/ 5 pack

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Easy Setup

Get started with a single text message - no app required!


Kick back and relax knowing we’ll tell you when your things are in lost property


We’ve got you covered. Attach Smart Tags to anything you own!


Need hand-me-downs? Smart Tags
can be re-activated when items
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Some frequently asked questions

How does the Smart Tag work?

Every school using RagTagd has a lost property sensor which detects when your Smart-Tagged item is in the lost and found. Owners receive a text message at about 7:00am, the morning after it's arrived in lost property. This makes sure that it's fresh on your mind before school, making collection really easy.

As a school, how do I setup the RagTagd system?

The smart rack is quick and easy to set up. If you’re close to Sydney or Brisbane, we’ll come and set it up ourselves. Otherwise, we’ll send you instructions for your GA/Groundsman to follow. We recommend allowing about 15 minutes for setup.

Do staff and parents need to do anything special when they place uniforms in lost property?

No! We've built our system to be completely automated, where staff and parents simply place the item into lost property as usual. Our sensors work the magic so that you can enjoy a completely hands-off experience.

New uniforms come with Smart Tags already attached. How does that happen?

We start by collecting your uniform shop's stock of new hats and jumpers, Smart-Tagging them, and safely returning them to your uniform shop in their original packaging. From that point onwards, RagTagd coordinates with your school’s uniform provider to make sure all new uniform deliveries come with tags already attached.

Can parents buy separate tags to attach to uniforms they already own?

Absolutely. If your school is on board, you can purchase tag packets from your uniform shop or front office.

How do second-hand sales and hand-me-downs work?

New owners simply text the Smart Tag’s six digit code to the number specified on the tag, as one would for a first-time activation. The original owner then receives a text message to verify transfer of ownership, which they can approve or decline. After approval, the ownership is then transferred to the new number.