2x RagTagd Smart Hang Tags for soft lunchboxes and cooler bags.

- Dishwasher proof
- Hard-wearing epoxy with replaceable cord

On our journey over the llast three years, we've seen thousands of soft lunchboxes and cooler bags sitting in lost property. No more! Our new Hang Tags help these valuable items make their way home even when your child has a forgetful lunchtime.

Just like the rest of our products, you'll receive an SMS when a tagged item reaches lost property.

RagTagd Smart Hang Tags are designed for soft lunchboxes and cooler bags which aren't suitable for a Smart Sticker. You can also attach these to sports bags or other things your child loses at school. We recommend attaching the Hang Tag to the handle of the item you're trying to affix it to. 

Smart Hang Tags x2

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