10x RagTagd Smart Stickers for plastic lunchboxes and drinkbottles. 

- Dishwasher proof

- Long-lasting industrial adhesive

- Space to write a name

- 2 year early-adopter guarantee

On our journey over the last three years, an increasing number of schools have told us that they're trying to reduce plastic waste at school. At the same time, parents have been asking us to help with containers for recess and lunch. Our new stickers help durable, non-disposable lunchboxes and drink bottles make their way home even when your child has a forgetful lunchtime. 

Just like the rest of our products, you'll receive an SMS when a stickered item reaches lost property. 

Our stickers are designed for plastic lunchboxes, drink bottles and containers with smooth and rigid walls. 

Please note these stickers will not work on metal containers.

Smart Stickers x10