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RagTagd is a smart tag which helps you to

quickly and easily recover lost things at school.

  • How do I set up my tag?
    Simply send a single SMS with your tag’s unique code (e.g. “MY1T4G”) to our number: 0458 899 000. You’ll receive an automated response to confirm activation.
  • Are text messages free?
  • As a school, how do I setup the RagTagd system?"
    The smart rack is quick and easy to set up. If you’re close to Sydney or Brisbane, we’ll come and set it up ourselves. Otherwise, we’ll send you instructions for your GA/Groundsman to follow. We recommend allowing about 15 minutes for setup.
  • Do staff and parents need to do anything special when they place uniforms in lost property?
    No! We've built our system to be completely automated, where staff and parents simply place the item into lost property as usual. Our sensors work the magic so that you can enjoy a completely hands-off experience.
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