School lost property
shouldn't be such a hassle

RagTagd tells you when your missing item is returned to
lost and found

for your school.

RagTagd is a smart tag which helps you to
quickly and easily recover lost things at school.

Don’t lose your mind, or your stuff

Losing uniform items and other personal belongings can be expensive. The days of scavenger hunts are over. With our Smart Tags, you’ll receive a text message when your child’s missing item is returned to lost and found.

Pre-tagged uniform items

We’ve partnered with select schools to offer uniform items that already have RagTagd integrated into them. Easy, and hassle free, the Smart Tags come sewn into the uniform, so you don’t need to do any work. They are machine washable, and completely safe for your children.

Tag your favourite things

Don’t want to lose your soccer uniform? Purchase your own set of Smart Tags and sew them into your favourite belongings. We sell individual packs so you can add it to your child’s existing uniform, lunchbox, backpack; anything you need!

Getting started is easy peasy

Simply activate new smart tags by texting the unique code on each tag via SMS to 0458 899 000. All it takes is a few seconds, and you are ready to go!

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