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Finding things should be easy

Receive an SMS when your item is in Lost Property at school

How it works

Smart Tags help you recover lost things at school, hassle free.


We work with your uniform supplier so all new jackets and jumpers come with a Smart Tag embedded within.


Pair Smart Tags to your phone with a single SMS.


A sensor sits in lost property. Every morning at 7am, it automatically scans the area for Smart Tags. No manual scanning necessary!


Get notified when your things are found. That way you can collect your garments before the gremlins do!

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How it works

"Our oldest boy is 9 and he’s managed to lose about 6 fleeces over the course of his school career to date. We’re yet to lose this one! Love the system - fantastic idea."

School setup

RagTagd makes lost property easy, from start to finish.

Upgrade your lost property

Install the scanner and watch our 3 minute setup video.. All the scanner needs is 3G reception and connection to power.

Educate your community

Share the news and get your community on board with RagTagd using our 'education pack' which features informational social messages, images and more.

See the results

We send you reports displaying community engagement, number of items found, and parent reviews so you can find out how your school's lost property performs over time.

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Returning Lost Property all over Australia


Schools on board


Protected items


Returned items

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