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From lost to found

Smart Tags enable you or your child to automatically receive an SMS alert when your items are in lost property at school.
Find out if your school has RagTagd!

How RagTagd works

Don’t lose your mind, or your stuff

The days of mindless scavenger hunts are over! With RagTagd, you’ll receive a text message when your missing item is returned to school lost property.

Purchase new uniforms with Smart Tags pre-attached

If you're at one of our public primary schools, all your new jackets and jumpers come with RagTagd already attached!

Order personalised Smart Tags online

Personalise your Smart Tags online with your first and last name, and purchased through your school's RagTagd website.


Link it. Lose it. Find it

Activating your Smart Tags is quick and easy. Simply SMS (text) your tag's unique code to 0458 899 000. We'll send you an automated reply confirming activation. Now you can kick back and relax knowing we'll notify you when your lost items are found.

How RagTagd works
Find out if your school has RagTagd!


How it works for schools
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